Providing Safe, Affordable and Convenient Commuting Options for Businesses

Do more than just get people from A to B: make the ride matter with ground transportation solutions and experiences that build relationships and drive results.

Improving Employees Commute Experience

Our drivers are always there to ensure your ride is comfortable and refreshing.

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Ensure your staff are safe while they travel.

Travel risk management and duty of care are high on any company’s list of concerns. We’ve made it easier to enhance your compliance standards.

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Save more than 30% of employee travel costs

We keep your business travel costs down without compromising on traveler safety or services. With a smart process in place, you can save money on every trip – and make both your travelers and your stakeholders happy.


What makes us different?

Get visibility and control with centralized travel management. Cruise makes it easy for employees to book travel and stay within policy, with a premium platform experience they actually love to use.

  • Centralized travel

    With your entire company’s travel bookings securely stored in one place, you can keep track of spending, know where every employee is traveling, and get access to detailed reports in real time.

  • Control company costs

    Our customers save up to 30% on business travel costs. Access our exclusive negotiated rates, apply corporate discounts, set travel policies, and easily manage approvals for the highest savings in the industry.

  • Track employee trips and manage safety

    Know where your employees are at any moment so you can respond instantly in an emergency, manage risk for employees traveling in unsafe regions, and stay informed about extreme weather and other incidents.

World Class Organizations Partner With Cruise

We work with some of Nigeria’s most sought-after companies providing business transport solution for employees and clients.